June 2024 Food Event

Our Menu

  • Rice | Lumpiang Gulay | Lumpianitos
  • Inihaw BBQ chicken | Mussels | Shrimps | Fish | Pansit
  • Vegetables | Eggplant | Boiled Corn
    Dessert: Mango

“Food Disclaimer: As all the food will be laid out on tables and will be in contact with each other, there may be cross-contamination of allergens, such as seafood, dairy, and eggs. If you have any of these allergies, it is advised that you not partake in this event for your food safety. “

Featured Chef

Cafe Filipino is our initiative to feature talented cooks within our community and showcase their signature dishes. The plan is to offer this event by popular demand as a way for us to bring a consistent fine dining Filipino food experience to Pittsburgh. This will be a periodic fundraising event to cover the operating costs of our Philippine Center and other FAAP programs

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