March Food Event 2024-03-23


A suggested donation amount of $50 is recommended.

The price is for a single-seat reservation for the March 23, 2024 food event.

This is not a physical product. An email confirmation will be sent to confirm your spot for the event.

The event is limited to 50 seats, so book your reservation now while we still have seats available.

** Individuals with peanut or nut allergies are advised to avoid the Kare Kare dish because its ingredients include peanuts and peanut sauce. It is recommended that those with such allergies refrain from attending this event.

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This is a single-seat reservation for a March 23, 2024 food event. The event is brought to you by Cafe Filipino, our initiative to feature talented cooks within our community and showcase their signature dishes. The plan is to offer this event by popular demand as a way for us to bring a consistent fine-dining Filipino food experience to Pittsburgh. This will be a periodic fundraising event to cover the operating costs of our Philippine Center and other FAAP programs.


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